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Easily manage your server's giveaways with GiveawayBot

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-create #channel -w (Amount of winners) (Time for giveaway, like 1d or 30m) (Giveaway Title)
-delete #channel (Giveaway ID, usually just 1)
-draw #channel (Giveaway ID, usually just 1)
-redraw #channel (Giveaway ID, usually just 1)

Bot Infomation



-partner (Partner ID, leave blank to see the Partner IDs)


To run giveaways you must either have a role called GBAdmin or have the Manage Server permission.
A Giveaway ID is shown on the bottom left of the Giveaway embed. Usually, it would be 1 if you only have one giveaway in a channel.
Giveaways will not end if the bot restarts!
And many people ask why the winner hasn't recieved Discord Nitro or whatever, this bot doesn't actually give the winners the item, you have to provide that yourself! You can view our docs and FAQ here.

Premium is coming soon alongside the V2 update! GiveawayBotV2 is a much better version of the current GiveawayBotV1, planned features are: Web Dashboard, Custom Settings, Custom Admin Role and more!


Documentation is progress, but still available with basic information.

Head over to docs.thegiveawaybot.com to see our docs. Currently, we have FAQ and support server information.